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We’re back in lockdown here after over 400 days of no community cases so what better time than to start a podcast! My first one focuses on jumping down this hole to save my dog… and getting stuck there for hours.

Going Dry in January.

Alcohol is integral to the lives of many Westerners. Northern Europeans especially love binge drinking and telling tales that start with “I was mortal…”. We use it to celebrate when we are happy and to drown our sorrows. People get paralytic at weddings. People get paralytic at funerals. Had a bad day? Have a beer. … Continue reading Going Dry in January.


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Hi, I’m Else. This is not me, although according to a Singaporean Customs Officer I do resemble Mr Bean’s girlfriend. I was chuffed when they told me that. I’m from Newcastle but ran away in my 30s and am now pottering around South East Asia.

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