Oh monkey, you’re so pretty

The Rimba Monkey

About a month or so ago a lone male monkey started using our roof and balcony to get from one side of the estate to the other. At first we were a bit wary because the last monkey that wandered the estate on its own turned vicious when the people who were feeding it left. After instances of biting children and ransacking people’s apartments it was ‘rehomed’. I’m glad it went- it was really aggressive towards me one day, luckily Jason came home and scared it off before I had to glass it in the head. Not being overly dramatic or violent in intention – a wine glass was literally all I had to defend myself with as I was trapped on the balcony not even wearing shoes. It’s a strange day indeed when you have to seriously consider how and when to smash a wine glass in order to stab a monkey.

This monkey at the moment seems fairly chilled out. It’s not trying to get into my house, it is curious (but from a safe distance) about the cats and eats people’s plants, like a monkey should.

I hope it stays that way.

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