The Great Chicken Nugget Shortage of 2020

I don’t believe Covid-19 was started by bats. I think chickens got together and came up with an elaborate plan not to be eaten, ala Chicken Run, then blamed it all on the bats.

We have no nuggets. Since like July time. Because of Covid. Because of the chicken conspiracy.

People are coping okay with not being able to travel (our borders closed back in March) or even with restrictions on wedding numbers (saving money!) but the lack of nuggets is just tipping them over the edge. It got so bad that someone even asked the Health Minister in a Covid briefing when we would be getting nuggets! Not when the vaccination was coming… seemingly don’t care about that – we need nuggets!!

We’re at the point now where there’s gonna be black-market chicken nuggets being sold on street corners here, like “dude, you want KFC or McDonald’s?”

I honestly thought it would be the shortage of expats alcohol that tipped us over the edge – seems it’ll be the nuggets. I’m not even a great fan of chicken nuggets but I can feel myself craving them. No one knows when we’ll get them back – they’re imported and who knows when all this Covid stuff will end.

So, strangely out of all the things we have learnt to be grateful for, the humble chicken nugget made in onto the list. Wherever you are, next time you wedge an unhealthy, probably not even chicken, nugget into a splodge of BBQ sauce, spare a thought for those of us who are living through the Great Chicken Nugget Shortage of 2020 and


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